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Ordinance 60-Civil Infraction
Ordinance 58-Charter Twp of Iwd Building Code and Residential Code Enforcement Agency Ordinance (repeals Ordinance 14)
Ordinance 57-Prohibition of Recreational Marijuana Establishments
Ordinance 56-Uniform System of Numbering (replaces Ordinance 21)
Ordinance 55-Charter Twp of Ironwood Tax Exemption Ordinance-Mill Trace Apartments (replaces Ordinance 54)
​​​​Ordinance 54-PILT for Milltrace Apartments adopted 11-28-2015.pdf replaced by Ordinance 55
Ordinance 53- Updated Clerical Errors in the  Zoning Ordinance (replaces Ordinance 6 and Ordinance 45) adopted 7-11-2016.pdf
Ordinance 52-Conflict of Interest adopted 11-8-2010.pdf
Ordinance 51-Establishing of Planning Commission and Zoning Authority adopted.pdf
Ordinance 50-Sand and Gravel Pit Ordinance adopted 6-9-2014.pdf
Ordinance 49-Issuance of Revenue Bonds for Sewer Project Ordinance adopted 2-22-2010.pdf
Ordinance 48-Municipal Civil Infraction Ordinance adopted 6-26-2006.pdf
Ordinance 47-Mobile Home Parks adopted 6-26-2006.pdf
Ordinance 46-Weed Control Ordinance adopted 6-26-2006.pdf
Ordinance 44-Snow Dumping Ordinance adopted 3-28-2000.pdf
Ordinance 43-Land Division Ordinance adopted 3-23-1998.pdf
Ordinance 42-Parking, Speeding and Operation at Gogebic Community College Campus adopted 8-11-1997.pdf
Ordinance 41-Burning Ordinance adopted 3-27-1995.pdf
Ordinance 40-Dangerous or Hazardous Materials Disposal adopted 6-27-1994.pdf
Ordinance 39-Basic Cable TV Rate Regulation adopted 9-22-1993.pdf
Ordinance 38-Northern States Power Franchise adopted 9-13-1993.pdf
Ordinance 37-Group Insurance Plan-Health Care adopted 7-28-1993.pdf
Ordinance 36-Dangerous Building Ordinance adopted 7-30-1993.pdf
Ordinance 35-Pension Plan Ordinance adopted 7-27-1992.pdf
Ordinance 34-Recinding of Plumbing, Mechanical & Electrical Code to State of MI (adopted 3-13-1991).pdf
Ordinance 33-Fair Housing Practices adopted 5-23-1990.pdf
Ordinance 32-Dangerous Building Ordinance adopted 4-23-1990.pdf
Ordinance 31-Collection and Delivery of Solid Waste adopted 11-30-1988.pdf
Ordinance 30-Regulating Unwanted Waste Materials adopted 8-24-1987.pdf
Ordinance 29-Franchise with Bresnan Communication adopted 8-8-1988.pdf

Introduction to Ordinance 59 can been viewed here:

Ordinance 59 - Fire Department

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